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AASHI meaning SMILE is an educational assistance program that empowers under-privileged children living in slums, orphanages and rural areas with holistic education.  It is an initiative of ACTS Group of institutions, an NGO that is committed to total development through educational, environmental and community development projects across India.

It is a distinctive program that draws and develops physical, moral, intellectual, and social potential in order to achieve the overall wellbeing of a child. It also equips teachers with training and tools associated with experiential, holistic and inclusive education. One could assist with education sponsorship, teaching aids, training and development.

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Holistic Education – Impacting lives of the marginalized!

  “By Education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in child and man ― body, mind and spirit” – Mahatma Gandhi

Education can be delivered in many forms, however, the most efficient is that which relates and connects to our real life environment. Our vision at the ACTS schools is to thrive as a system that is interactive and character-based, one that produces self-reliant individuals who will transform our society. Besides academic excellence, we ensure that our education goes beyond classrooms and is aligned towards project-, activity- and community-based learning. This helps release varied, untapped, limitless potentialities of the human spirit, as Plato stated.

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Learn To Live